What happens after a Sleep Study?

SleepAfter your sleep study, many hours of work are required by specially trained professionals in order to fully understand the significant amount of data gathered from you during the night. A sleep technologist processes or “scores” the large amount of data recorded during the study. A sleep specialist with special knowledge of sleep and its disorders then interprets the information. A typical sleep study comprises approximately 1000 pages of data of various kinds (for example, brain waves, muscle movements, and eye movements) that must be reviewed in detail. Because this is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, sleep studies are usually not evaluated immediately, and it may take some time to receive the results of your study. A representative from the sleep center should be able to give you an idea when the results will be available.

It takes at least 12 to 14 days for sleep study data to be interpreted.
However, if you have any urgent questions, please only call the sleep lab at (720) 248-2030.