What is a Sleep Study?

Sleep Room

A laboratory sleep study is considered the “gold standard” to accurately diagnose sleep disorders. In order to fully understand your sleep, various brain activities and body systems and their relationships will be observed throughout the night. After the study, a sleep specialist will review and interpret the record to help you and your healthcare professional understand your specific sleep patterns and sleep problems. Treatment recommendations will be made if evidence of a sleep disorder is found.

Sleep is not a simple process. Many parts of the brain control sleep and its different stages. These levels or stages of sleep include drowsiness, light sleep, deep sleep, and dream sleep. It is possible to identify which stage of sleep a person is in by measuring different activities of the brain and body.

A sleep study is somewhat like spending a night in a hotel. The difference is that for a sleep study, you’ll have a bunch of sensors attached to your body and someone will be watching you sleep. Most patients fall asleep quickly. We hope that your experience at the sleep center will be a good one. Understanding the sleep process and the evaluation of sleep disorders will help you take an active and positive role in your own care.